Nîmes and surroundings

Over the centuries, Nîmes has been able to create a magnificent blend of old and modern within its city.

City located between the mountains of the Cevennes, the fields of Provence and the plains of the Camargue, it benefits from a beautiful Mediterranean climate. Thanks to its privileged location, it can satisfy all the interests of its inhabitants and tourists. It has been able to transmit these wonderful cultures and traditions.

Nîmes will know how to share its most beautiful history with you. Nicknamed the "French Rome", it offers many Roman monuments and vestiges between the square house, the arenas, the temple of Diana, the gardens of the fountain or the cathedral of Nîmes; it is a real life-size museum which shelters more than 2000 years of history.

When you arrive in the little Rome, you will surely pass through the heart of the "Ecusson" which represents the historical centre of Nîmes (in the shape of an escutcheon, hence the name). Three large boulevards (Gambetta-Victor Hugo-Amiral Courbet), surround the historic centre, dotted with centuries-old plane trees and hackberry trees. Many small squares are concentrated in the centre, such as the historic Place aux Herbes, located just behind St Castor Cathedral. It offers an incredible architecture thanks to its mullioned windows and wooden fronts in good condition. Surrounded by ancient stone arcades that will take you back to Roman times. You can take advantage of it to drink a coffee in the cafe-bars around. Small paved streets will guide you all along your walks surrounded by small traders. You will discover perfectly restored town houses and others with works, hotels and private buildings offering private apartments or entire town house with garden or terrace. Other architectural treasures will delight you like the private mansions that were built between the 16th and 19th centuries, such as the Hôtel Villard built in the 17th century, known for its beautiful wrought iron staircase that opens onto the courtyard. It bears witness to an outstanding quality of work. At the time, it was very common to have small inner courtyards. This gives it a medieval atmosphere. Most of the village properties and mansions located in the historic centre have been perfectly and tastefully restored.

In the 19th century, new districts emerged such as the so-called "Haussmannian" bourgeois quarters. They are located in the city centre, close to the arenas and the quays of the Fountain, which at that time offered a modern impetus.

You will also have at your disposal many shopping centres in the 4 corners of Nîmes (La Coupole - Nîmes Sud - Village Costières - Carré Sud - Nîmes Etoile). Wherever you choose to live; in Nîmes you will be well equipped with shops.

This famous Roman city is also very well served by transport. An airport is at your disposal south of Nîmes but also two TGV train stations, the most recent of which was inaugurated at the beginning of the year 2020, one station in the city centre and a second one on the outskirts for quick access to the various major French cities, Paris, Lyon and Marseille. A TANGO bus-tramway service will allow you to circulate very easily within the Nîmoise area.

In all seasons, you will be able to discover the historic centre on foot or take a bicycle to meet the shopkeepers who will be delighted to tell you the great history of their city.

Without forgetting the arenas; admire their beauty and impressive dimensions at least once by taking a guided tour.

Labelled "city of art and history" in 1986, all year round, many exhibitions are organised in one of the 5 museums of the city. The architecture of the city has been extremely well preserved, which is why its inhabitants will be proud to enhance the value of their city. Also the European Comics Fair has its place in this city.

We realize that culture is the heart of Nîmes heritage and that it must be preserved. You will have the opportunity to get away from the city and enjoy beautiful views of Nîmes by hiking the GR700 linking the Haute Loire to the Camargue.

If you say Feria ? you say Nîmes, a major national holiday is organized every year in Nîmes.

Ideally situated between the sea and the mountains, Nîmes is the ideal place to delight locals and tourists on a daily basis. It will know how to make the most of its origins to give rhythm to the life of Nîmes. At the beginning of June, the city will take possession of its most beautiful flamenco dress and will make you dance all night long. Dressed in red and yellow, she will make you discover all these local specialities. Nîmes, a city where it is good to live all year round with its beautiful sunshine.

There are many events that take place when the sun is shining. French Rome has the rhythm in its skin by hosting the flamenco festival, the unmissable Grands Jeux Romains, the Nîmes festival also finds its place in the heart of the arenas during the summer.

Several districts and several sectors criss-cross the city of Nîmes, the historic centre close to the great Roman sites, offering many mansions, buildings, town houses and private apartments. Further north, between the road to Alès and the road to Uzès, many villas, modern houses and properties are perfectly situated in large gardens with a swimming pool.

Nîmes is 23 kms from Uzès and is accessible from the road to Uzès via the Saint Nicolas Bridge.

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