Uzès and surroundings

Uzès is located in the heart of the Gard in Occitania, only 23 km from Nîmes and 30 minutes from Avignon. Uzès is the oldest duchy in France and covers many unique architectural elements. An ideal situation to live in peace and quiet.

Once you pronounce Uzès, you talk about authenticity; these roads offer us a bucolic landscape between fruit trees, olive trees and vines. This authenticity can be found in all our properties for sale, each with a different charm that will seduce you.

Often known for housing the famous Haribo candy museum, it is one of the outings not to be missed when you come to Uzès. This city of more than 8000 inhabitants abounds in other treasures.

During your walks in the heart of Uzès, you will walk through narrow streets covered with old stones dating back to the Middle Ages and lined with cafés, bakeries, famous restaurants and craft shops.

You will take the main Boulevard which allows you to turn around the historic town centre, it represents the artery of Uzès with its many shops and craftsmen. Private mansions dating from the 17th and 18th centuries are still visible in the historic centre such as the "Entraigues" hotel, the house of Uzès. You will be able to observe sumptuous facades, mullioned windows, vaulted cellars as you stroll through this superb town of Uzès, a corner of Provence in the Gard. Many townhouses that were sold were to become, after years of restoration, superb, comfortable and tastefully restored houses with superb and authentic architectural elements.

When you come to buy an apartment, or when you come to buy a house in the heart of Uzès, you will often benefit from a courtyard or a terrace allowing you to enjoy all seasons in this beautiful city of Uzès. Many houses or apartments are still to be restored in the historic centre of Uzès.

Another emblematic place of Uzès, the famous « Place aux Herbes », obligatory passage on Wednesday and Saturday mornings dotted with plane trees, where the big market takes place: meeting place between all the craftsmen and the inhabitants of the village which makes it a city aspiring for happiness. This « Place aux Herbes » located in the historic heart of Uzès is lined with many restaurants, a large fountain is judiciously placed in its center.

« The Esplanade » is a remarkable place hosting all the events organised in Uzès such as the truffle festival and the medieval festival, this square hosts the many events organised throughout the year.

Uzès elected "City of Art and History" is covers to famous monuments. Your curiosity will push you to come and visit the historic Duchy of Uzès or the majestic Saint-Théodorit Cathedral located on the Place de l'Evêché. The Duchy is the witness of an outstanding architecture with its superb stained glass windows and its Gothic style. Many monuments make Uzès a unique city offering its inhabitants a superb history. Between the mansions, townhouses and apartments you will also find the medieval garden, beautifully maintained at the foot of the various towers bordering it. Discover also, the church of Saint Etienne, the fenestrelle tower and the ducal castle.

Many arcades surround this charming town. The façades of the village houses date from the 18th century and bear witness to a beautiful restoration. The stone of the Gard is the material most used in the constructions of the Gard for its unparalleled quality having a beautiful reflection on sunny days. With even more courage, you will walk along the path leading to the top of the Bermonde tower: this magnificent Keep which will give you an unparalleled view of Uzès.

At only 2 km from the historic centre and direction, the Pont du Gard and Avignon, you have access to the Pont des Charrettes district: a large shopping centre where you will find many food, DIY and other shops.

Many districts characterize this city of Uzès, one of the largest, the district of the villages, bringing together the small town, the big town and the place aux cochons. Like the rest of the town centre of Uzès near the historic centre, this district benefits from exceptional restoration and maintenance.

These cobbled streets offer many houses for sale, town houses on several levels with garden, courtyard and or terrace. You will also find apartments for sale. Town houses to restore or on the contrary superbly restored which can sometimes offer an outdoor space. Cigal'immo is an expert real estate agency in the city centre of Uzès and in the town of Uzès. Buy a house in Uzès or buy an apartment in Uzès with Cigal'immo real estate agency. You will also find apartments in the district of the villages, located in buildings or mansions, the apartments sometimes have a terrace, these apartments all offer beautiful views over the cobbled streets and at higher levels over the old roofs of the village and the monuments of Uzes.

Many squares embellish this pretty town, the place aux Herbes, place d'Austerlitz, place du duché, place dampmartin. In the alleys of Uzès or bordering these squares, many town houses and apartments offer unique architectural elements. Our real estate agency Cigal'immo is a specialist in Uzès, we offer you houses for sale in the city center of Uzès, apartments for sale in the alleys of Uzès. Houses with courtyard, with garden. Apartments with terraces. To buy in Uzès is to buy an art of living and a certain sweetness of life.

On the outskirts of the historic centre but in the immediate vicinity of it and the many shops, you will find villas for sale, recent houses for sale and modern houses for sale, in more scattered ways you will find farmhouses and properties for sale. The villas with garden and swimming pool offer you at a stone's throw from the centre of Uzès an outdoor area with swimming pool close to the amenities and important axes. Our real estate agency in Uzès offers recent and modern houses for sale.

Different roads allow you to reach the big cities around Uzès, Nîmes, Avignon, Alès, Sommières, Bagnols su Cèze. An important bus service provides easy access to these major cities of the Gard.

Duke east side of Uzès, in the direction of the Pont du Gard and Avignon, you will discover starting from Uzès, the village of Saint-Maximin which dominates on a hill the Alzon, just north you will have St Siffret, a village with shops. Then by continuing your road on the side of the Pont du Gard, the village of Argilliers just before Vers Pont du Gard, very beautiful village with shops, beautiful vestiges of the Medieval period as soon as you enter it, by getting closer to the roach and at the crossroads with the alzon, the village of collias, village with all shops. The medieval village of Castillon-du-Gard with all shops, is located after vers-pont du Gard on the road to Avignon and offers many views of the Pont du Gard, Castillon du Gard overlooks the Gardon valley and offers a 360 degree view of the surrounding area. The village of Remoulins, Valligueres, Saint-hilaire-d'Ozilhan and Pouzilhac. These villages are characterized by a more yellow and porous stone, present on the village houses and farmhouses.

On the south side, many villages allow to reach Nîmes and La Calmette. The village of Blauzac, all shops, Sanilhac and Sagriès, vic Sainte anastasie, dions and poulx. These villages offer many advantages and are in the immediate vicinity of Nîmes where two TGV stations and an airport allow you to move around France, Europe and the world quickly. A yellow stone and slightly grayer as you get closer to the calmette characterizes the village houses and mas.

Further west of Uzès in the direction of Moussac and Brignon, the beautiful village of Arpaillargues and Aureillac and its castle in the heart of the old village, another castle in this village also, Aubussargues. South of Aubussargues, the village of Bourdic. The village of Saint-Chaptes offers all the shops and makes it possible to quickly reach the national road 106 linking Nîmes and Alès. Further north of Saint-Chaptes, the villages of Collorgues, Saint-dézéry and Castelnau-Valence are located at the gates of Moussac and Saint-Maurice de Cazevieille, a village with shops. Around Moussac, a village with shops, there are many villages close to the N106 arriving directly on Nîmes and Alès, such as Sauzet, Dommessargues, Boucoiran-et-Nozières, Cruviers-lascours, Saint-génies de malgoires, La rouvière, Montignargues and Mauressargues.

In the direction of Alès, in the North-West of Uzès, many authentic villages are bordered by a luxuriant nature. Montaren-et-Saint-Médiers is a village with trade, a fortified castle in its centre adorns this village at the gates of Uzès. Servies and Labaume with also a castle, overlooks the Uzès valley and offers a superb view of Uzès. The village Aigaliers, on the edge of a hill with several hamlets. Then Baron composed of several hamlets and Foissac, Saint-jean de ceyrargues, Euzet, Saint-Hippolyte de Caton, Saint-étienne de l'olm, Martignargues, Saint-just and vacquières, Monteils, Deaux, Mons, Méjannes les Alès, and Alès. Alès Large town with many shops and commercial areas. Around Alès, Saint-jean du pin, Saint privat des vieux, Cendras, Saint christol les alès, Bagard, Brouzet les alès, Servas and salindres.

North of Uzès, the first village, Saint-quentin-la-Poterie, the largest village in the immediate vicinity of Uzès. Saint Quentin la Poterie a village with all shops. Cigal'immo offers houses for sale, villas for sale in saint quentin la poterie. Cigal'immo agency also offers village houses for sale in Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie. This village prized for its shops, the proximity to Uzès but also the artistic side of the village, this former potter's village is famous for its pottery and its annual pottery market. Heading towards Lussan, you will find the villages of Belvezet, La bruguière, Seynes and Valléragues, then Lussan a village with shops. Around Lussan there are several villages, each with superb views of the surrounding countryside. Fons sur lussan with the first shops, Bouquet composed in hamlet, navacelles, Allègre les fumades and méjannes le clap.

To the north of Uzès and to the north-west, in the direction of Bagnols sur cèze, you will discover the following villages, Saint-Hyppolyte de montaigu, Flaux, vallabrix and la capelle and masmolène where a castle overlooks the old villages, La capelle and Masmolène. Fontarèches, saint laurent la vernède a village with shops, La bastide d'Engras, Pougnadoresse, le Pin, Saint pons la calme, cavillargues, Gaujac, tresques and connaux. Then closer to bagnols sur cèze, city of Gard with gtous shops, Tresques, Saint-paul les fonts, Sabran, Laudun l'ardoise, saint victor la coste and Saint-laurent des arbres.

You will have the opportunity to visit all the villages around Uzès. Each has its own history and charm. Saint Quentin la poterie - St Siffret - St Maximin - Collias – Arpaillargues & Aureillac - Montaren& St Médiers - Aubussargues - Lussan - Blauzac and many others. Come and discover these villages by strolling through their most beautiful narrow streets dotted with stone paving stones. You will admire their castles in the centre of the villages, ancient ruins full of history and other perfectly restored houses.

The real estate agency Cigal'immo in Uzès is present in all these villages, our real estate agency Cigal'immo in Uzès offers many houses and villas for sale with garden and swimming pool, village and town houses for sale. The agency Cigal'immo in Uzès proposes you to sell apartments in Uzès and in the villages mentioned above. We also offer building plots in Uzès or in the surrounding villages, land for sale in Saint Quentin la poterie, land for sale in Saint-siffret, land for sale in Blauzac. Village house for sale in Saint quentin la poterie. Villa for sale in Uzès, House for sale in Vers pont du Gard, House for sale in Saint maximin. Property for sale in Montaren-et-Saint-Médiers.

Close to the Garrigues towards Alès or the Cevennes, you can escape by many walks marked out by the GR and enjoy magnificent views of the Mont Ventoux or the Mint Bouquet. By bike, you can take part of the Viarhôna and enjoy the view of the architecture and the environment. You will pass through beautiful villages such as Lussan, Barjac and Vézénobres.

You will surely taste one of the best wines of France around Uzès wine of the PDO "Duché d'Uzès" by making the tour of all the cellars of Uzès and surroundings. Black truffles and olive oil punctuate the trade of Uzès in the winter season in January.

Uzès is a small town located between the sea and the Cévennes, close to the main roads with the A9 motorway, railways with four stations nearby, Nîmes centre, Nîmes-pont du Gard, Avignon Centre and Avignon TGV, and airport, Nîmes, Avignon, Montpellier and Marseille. Uzès is a city with all the shops and activities. Possessing an immense culture and proud of its history, this little town in the Gard Provencal will charm you with its gentle way of life, its taste for culture, beautiful and good things.

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