Vézénobres and surroundings

10 km from Alès and 25 km from Uzès, labeled "village of character" Vézénobres is located on the heights of the cliff and offers an exceptional view of the Cévennes.

It is a marvellous village and you will know all its splendour during your visit or a possible real estate project in the surroundings of Vézénobres. This small village is located in height, as soon as you arrive at the bottom of it, you will take full the sight by the architecture and the atmosphere of this village. Some shops and restaurants are open all year round as well as the Provencal market on Thursday morning on the main square.

From the bottom of this small village, you will be acquainted with the beautiful cobbled streets that run along all the houses of the village with an atypical decoration referring to the former times (XII and XIIIth century). For example, the rue des maisons Romanes where the facades have been superbly restored.

A sublime Montfaucon mansion nicknamed "Maison d'Adam et Eve" was built in the 16th century with a strong influence on Renaissance architecture. The facades of the Montfaucon mansion are particularly appreciated for the large mullioned windows which bring an incredible luminosity to the heart of the rooms. A polygonal tower is also present to underline the power. It offers a terrace with views of the surrounding countryside. All of the properties in this village are full of wealth (built between the 17th and 15th centuries) and have architectural features of excellent quality. Thanks to its dominant position on its rock, it gives access to an unrivalled view over the garrigue, the vines and the surrounding countryside.

The heart of the village offers a medieval charm much appreciated by the inhabitants as well as by passers-by. The gate of Sabran, built in the 13th century, is part of this charm as it is the only gate that is still with us and leaves a wonderful memory of the medieval walls. It is also called the Clock Gate which gives this monument a certain importance.

At the top of the village of Vézénobres, you can see the ruins of the castle of Montanègre. A second castle came to replace this one; it is the castle of Calvière built in the XVIIIth century with a semi Versailles and Italian semi baroque spirit. It is surrounded by nearly 17 hectares with a large south-facing basin. Its exterior beauty is spectacular.

Walking through the narrow streets of the beautiful village of Vézénobres, you can discover beautiful village houses, properties and mas in the centre of the village of La- Vézénobres, village house with garden or with a pretty courtyard. You will also be able to see in hotels, private buildings superb apartments with terrace or balcony. You will also be able to discover in the surroundings of the historical center of Vézénobres village houses to renovate.

Vézénobres is also well known for its beautiful architectural combinations but also for the production of dried figs. The house in Calaberts, which is located not far from the Montanègre castle, was the place where figs were dried. Under the Calaberts, which are terraces, wicker trays were stored with figs. This was the economy of the village at the time, in the autumn the Vézénobriens sold their crops at the Saint-André Fair.

Still relevant today, the village has been able to welcome since the 2000s, the first fig trees planted at the bottom of the village. Vézénobres associated with figs organizes at the end of August the Figoulade, the market of fresh figs. To pay homage to the Saint-André Fair, the last weekend of October is reserved for the Mediterranean days of the fig.

You will surely not be disappointed by the rich heritage of this small village.

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